Weight Management for Pets

Supporting your pet’s journey with our weight management program.

Weight management not only supports your pet's weight loss but provides them with strategies to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Extra weight can create health complications for your pet, often shortening their lifespan. With the support of our team, we can create an intentional plan to help your pet reach a healthy weight.

What are potential weight management strategies?

Before we're able to develop a weight management plan for your pet, we assess their overall health, considering metrics like their weight, age and breed. Based on these factors, as well as a few considerations about their lifestyle, we'll determine a healthy weight for your pet. Though weight tends to fluctuate as your pet ages, a healthy weight is a ballpark measure you should stay as close to as possible. Next, we could recommend a combination of the following strategies:

  • Reducing caloric intake
  • Routine exercise
  • Feeding schedule
  • Limiting treats
  • Behavioural modifications

How can I help my pet lose weight?

As their caregiver, you are responsible for supporting your pet throughout their weight loss journey. It is also important to remember this is a learning journey for you as well because you'll need to adjust the quantity and types of foods you previously fed your pet. Remember weight management is a lifelong journey so the changes you and your pet are working towards won't happen overnight. Consistency is key to ensuring your pet stays on track with their weight management plans. If you align your expectations with the goals set out in the plan, you'll help them achieve a healthy weight. If you have questions about weight management, please contact us at  416-745-4700.

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