Veterinary Exam

Routine preventive healthcare exams to ensure your pet stays healthy.

Preventive healthcare during routine wellness exams is an integral part of our practice. Creating preventive healthcare plans for each pet patient gives them a comprehensive package of annual veterinary services aimed at keeping them healthy. If your pet is due for their next wellness exam, please book an appointment at 416-745-4700.

Why does my pet need a wellness exam?

A wellness exam is our routine check-in with your pet, to assess their overall health. We're also able to determine any gaps in their care and find ways to support them in providing your pet with the best possible quality of life. During the appointment, we perform a complete physical examination involving a thorough nose to tail evaluation of your pet and all their body systems. We often use diagnostic testing and imaging, including bloodwork, X-rays and ultrasounds to assess what's happening inside your pet's body. Even if your pet doesn't have any underlying health conditions or concerns, a wellness exam helps us keep their records up-to-date. It also allows us to create a preventive healthcare plan and outline steps like parasite preventives or future diagnostic testing aimed at diagnosing potential health issues early on.

How often should my pet see the vet?

Each wellness exam is different, depending on your pet's age and overall health. Healthy adult pets should visit at least once a year. Puppies and kittens have more frequent visits during their first few weeks of life, whereas senior pets should see us twice a year. These recommendations however vary, based on your pet's specific health conditions.

What will the vet review during the exam?

Our veterinary team will perform a range of procedures on your pet, based on their specific needs, alongside the physical exam and diagnostic testing. In addition to our veterinary team performing a range of routine procedures, this is also the perfect opportunity to gain deeper insights into your pet's health and raise issues or concerns you're interested in learning more about. Some procedures you can expect include:

  • Dental care
  • Nutrition counselling
  • Parasite prevention plan
  • Deworming
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