Orthopedic Services for Pets

Helping your pet maintain joint health and mobility without pain.

Maintaining your pet's bone and joint health can contribute to their overall well-being. Bones are an important part of your pet's musculoskeletal systems, which support the structure of their entire body. They are also like protective cases for your pet's essential organs. Our veterinary team provides a range of services to support your pet's orthopedic issues.

What orthopedic conditions do pet's experience?

Some risk factors could increase the likelihood of your pet being diagnosed with orthopedic issues, including their breed, age and weight. Lifestyle factors can also contribute to your pet's diagnosis. For example, pets who overextend during exercise or engage in more high energy activities could be more likely to be diagnosed, based on how often they're actively using their bones and joints. Some common orthopedic conditions we often see include:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Joint fractures, including knee, shoulder and ankle
  • Cruciate ligament tears, including knee ligaments
  • Hip dysplasia, which is genetic

How do you treat orthopedic conditions?

Once your pet has received a diagnosis, the emphasis with some conditions is pain management whereas others focus on regenerating healing. For example, since osteoarthritis doesn't have a cure, we focus our efforts in easing pain and inflammation your pet is experiencing. Based on the specific condition, we'll develop a treatment plan that could incorporate a combination of anti-inflammatory medication, rehabilitation, special diets, weight management or surgery.

How can I care for my pet's bones and joints?

Caring for your pet's bones and joints can help promote their overall health. Feeding them a balanced diet with anti-inflammatory foods can help them maintain a healthy weight, decreasing strain on their body. Exercises like swimming can promote healing during rehabilitation or are generally good for supporting a healthy range of motion. If you've noticed symptoms like limping, stiffness, weight loss or decreased mobility, these could be signs of orthopedic conditions. Scheduling an appointment at 416-745-4700, could support your pet's health and recovery.

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