Nutrition Counselling for Pets

A healthy diet for your pet means a longer, happier life.

Proper nutrition provides the building blocks for good health. Having a balanced diet not only promotes a healthy lifestyle but can prolong your pet's lifespan. Whether you're trying to determine which foods best fit your pet's lifestyle or desire to learn more about using nutrition to support the management of a health condition, nutrition counselling could be helpful.

What is nutrition counselling?

When moving through the food aisle, there are an array of options that all seem to claim to be the best fit for your pet's needs. Nutrition counselling provides a personalized look at your pet's diet, lifestyle, breed, age, and overall health. We'll determine how we can best support your pet by providing specific recommendations on which foods are ideal based on their dietary needs. For example, pets with health concerns like arthritis could benefit from a diet rich in anti-inflammatory foods that promote joint health. Avoiding pet foods with unnecessary fillers or reduced whole foods ensures your pet's diet is providing them with all the nutrients they need. We can also recommend special diets based on your pet's health concerns.

How do I read nutritional labels?

Pet food labels can feel like a confusing puzzle you need to decipher. Each one seems to claim to be the best for your pet, with the promise to meet all of their nutritional needs. One thing to note about pet food labels is that the ingredients are listed from the highest quantity to the least, with the foods at the top being included the most. For example, a food that lists beef as one of the first ingredients means your pet will benefit from more nutrient-rich food. If a filler like corn starch is included near the top of the list, your pet's food will likely not have as high of a nutritional value as you want.

What ingredients should I avoid?

Some ingredients are fine for your pet in small quantities whereas others should be avoided all together. If you have specific questions about ingredient concerns, you can contact our team at 416-745-4700. Ingredients you should generally avoid:

  • Artificial colours
  • Corn syrup
  • Meat by-products
  • Corn
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