Euthanasia Services for Pets

Ensuring your pet gets the best care during their last moments.

The death of a pet can be difficult to come to terms with. Whether it was expected or sudden, nothing can fully prepare you for the loss of your beloved pet. Euthanasia means “good death,” which means ensuring your pet transitions peacefully, with as little pain or discomfort as possible. If you have questions about the procedure, please contact us at 416-745-4700.

How do I know when it's time to let go?

You never truly let go of your pet, even when they've peacefully passed away. There is no “right” time to decide when to euthanize your pet; only a time when you feel most at peace with your decision. Our veterinary team can support you in making the best decision for your pet and family. One indication that it could be time to consider euthanasia is if your pet hasn't been quite like their usual self in a long time. For example, if your once active pet who enjoyed playing with you on a daily basis now struggles to eat or drink on their own, their pain can lead to a lower quality of life. It's also important to consider the emotional and financial toll your pet's illness could be taking on you and your family. Though this can be a difficult conversation to have, it is important for everyone to be transparent with their feelings.

How can I make my pet's final days count?

During your pet's final days, it's important for you and your pet's loved ones to prioritize spending as much time together. This could include feeding your beloved family member their favourite meal or taking them to their favourite park. Ensure you capture these final moments so you'll have something to look back on to remember your pet. You could also consider whether or not you want to be present during your pet's procedure. Being with your pet during the procedure could provide you with some comfort and support in your grieving process.

Will the procedure be painful?

Euthanasia is a painless process, ensuring your pet dies with dignity. Before we begin the procedure, we administer a sedative to relax your pet, putting them at ease. The next injection is a fast-acting seizure-inducing euthanasia medication that will immediately make your pet unconscious. It stops their brain and heart function, peacefully ending their life. Your pet could take a final breath or move parts of their body, which are reflexes and not an indication that they're experiencing pain.

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