Assistant Manager/Veterinary Technician

Cheryl Assistant Manager/Veterinary Technician

Cheryl has been with the Etobicoke Veterinary Hospital for 40 years! She has watched the clinic grow and adapt to constant changes of Veterinary Medicine over the years. As our practice manager, Cheryl ensures everyone at the clinic is content and does everything a practice manager does! She always ensures your pets food and medications are in stock when you need them. 

Cheryl is most proficient at customer service especially since she has known some of our clients for decades which helps owners and their pets to always have a familiar face to see. 

Currently Cheryl has 4 cats at home of varying ages, Fireball, Beasley, Percy Two Toes, and Troy. In her spare time Cheryl enjoys travelling to warm and sunny places to get some much needed time to recover from the role of a practice manager.