Dr. Meaghan Worroll 



Dr. Meaghan Worrall


Dr. Meaghan grew up in Mississauga and has always had a trusty dog by her side. She completed her undergraduate degree in Bio-medical Science at the University of Guelph and graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College.


Throughout school Dr. Meaghan was a foster home to both cats and dogs which was gratifying to see them find their families. While volunteering in South East Asia she fell in love with a dog named Jackson and brought him all the way back to Canada! He loves nothing more than coming to work, greeting patients, and sleeping in the office. She also has an adorable cat named Barry who loves sleeping and lounging in front of windows.


In her free time she likes to take Jackson on road trips, long walks and enjoys the outdoors. She also loves playing hockey, baking, and doing small DIY projects/crafts.


I am always happy to talk to pet owners personally and answer any questions you may have. Please call or email me anytime!


info@etobicokevethospital.com or 416-745-4700